Lodges, Orders and the Rosicross

Rosicrucianism in Lodges, Orders and Initatic Societies

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ISBN/EAN: 9783952426258
Sprache: Englisch
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2017
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Initiation means consecration of a location, building, or person; - its direct connection - religio - with what is sacred and saint - even with Spirit itself. Initiation (lat. initium) thus means a new beginning, similar to a baptizing rite, so that one becomes a - green in the sense of new spiritual life. Initiation is invariably granted : by pure Grace. - Enlightenment demands individual efforts; hence the term self-initiation. Initiatic Societies are Associations able and legitimated to transmit true spiritual knowledge, making initiation effective as a permanent spiritual bond. Occultism (lat. occultum - hidden ) is thought by most western humans to be something fatal and damnable, misled as they were during centuries by institutional - academies, schools and churches. But in fact, the term means just pursuit of hidden knowledge - hidden as opposed to what is taught and published officially, but today more and more is not the Truth. Occultism, therefore, is also the quest for Truth - for true knowledge: Knowledge of universal natural laws; - knowledge of physical and non-physical manifestations; - knowledge of what it means to lead a really human life; - and then: knowledge of the Divine through lively experience. - Initiatic Societies in Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism - so-called - convey such knowledge. They encourage their members to start and follow their own individual and self-responsible Quest as far as a human lifetime may permit. Thus, esoteric Spirituality is no blind faith, no religion nor a fantastic trip: It is an accurate science ! - A science spread over all continents, in every culture, era, and civilization. Secret Societies in earlier times did exactly that. Their , or , all true Initiates agree in their innermost teachings. If their specific traditions, methods and rites differ, their aims are fundamentally the same. In the course of time, these mutualities were condensed into a kernel of Tradition which in the Occident is also named Rosicrucian - and taught in many a Brotherhood alike, independent of creeds. The present book shows how this inner kernel that came from Old Persia was preserved, passed on and expanded over times and continents. - It wishes to lessen distrust, increase knowledge and thereby encourage its lectors to consciously add to a truly human life in Freedom, Brotherhood and Love. - It also shows how in the past humans failed: Welfare and decay of all worlds lie in the hands of humans, and each human is equally responsible. May a growing number of humans thus receive the WORD - and pass it on !